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Goodgame Big Farm Hack V3.9.rar - 6 Mb




Your goal is to sell your farm goods to the farthest areas by your truck. The limits of your truck is up to you. You have to be careful of the obstacles, damages and the bad weather. Good luck and have fun! A real life driving game where you control a tractor, tractor truck and trailer to deliver product across the US. A tractor, tractor truck and trailer are different models from the same vehicle. A tractor, which you start with, transports things as a trailer, while a tractor truck is slower but has a higher carrying capacity than a tractor. The objective of the game is to deliver the products to your customers. Deliver the product, and you can gain money. Earn money to buy new vehicles, which will speed up the speed, and increase carrying capacity. Earn money to buy new parts for your vehicles. If you can’t make it in time, you must empty the truck and make a delivery. If you reach the delivery destination with your truck, you will get money. You will be able to see the customers, the weather conditions, the roads, and the railway. You will see when customers need your service, and the delivery destination. You can also see the nearby customers, trucks, and cars. In this game, you will also see the traffic lights, which will help you to control the traffic. You can drive as fast or slow as you want, and drive all the way to the delivery destination to earn more money. How to start and use the game: Select “Start game”, and you will be shown the instruction Go to “Truck” in the menu, and press “Start” You will be given the chance to choose your vehicles and place them on your vehicle dock. You will need a vehicle to deliver the products to the customers. You must drive carefully and drive to the delivery destination to make delivery. If you are driving near a railway, you must go slowly. You will be able to fill the empty space with products. You can also choose the environment you like. You can travel by car, truck, tractor, tractor truck, trailer, and even farm wagon. You can choose a different kind of a game if you need. You can play the game in various different environments. You can get various in-game items. How to win:




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Goodgame Big Farm Hack V3.9.rar - 6 Mb

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